Doing Business at GSWH



Booth Owners

The Garage Sale Warehouse 6 month leases:

Full Size space 10x10 $235.00 per month

8x8' spaces are $155 per month 


5’X10’ space at $165 per month


8’ tables at $95 each per month  


Rates are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of 

The Garage Sale Warehouse / I'm Selling 2 You Com LLC


All booth owners sales have a 15% commission to The Garage Sale Warehouse.

Electricity is $30 per month per booth  

Additional storage in our warehouse is as low as $30 per month

We have Free WiFi available for vendors



We choose which items we will consign by type, condition, value and space required.

Consigned items should be pre-labeled by you (we assign you a #)

  If your items do not sell at the original asking price

monthly reductions of 10% will be implemented.  

Consigned items are a 50% commission to The Garage Sale Warehouse.


Off-site Estate Sales

We provide sales of large & small estate inventory.  Our crew will come in prior to the sale dates to clear out trash and items that can be donated.  We set up the entire house and any out buildings for the sale.  Each sale is unique but our team will handle everything needed for a successful sale.

We offer a single transaction and removal of your entire garage sale.

 (We do not take your “left overs” from a prior garage sale)

We can provide assessment of value for your antiques at $75 per hour.

We buy and consign "group lots" or individual items


Contacting Us

Western Ave Location Phone Number: 971-246-8626

Owners Kent Drangsholt: 503-572-9959 and Jami Drangsholt: 503-572-7189

Email us